Gary Wilters will help you get fit and stay healthy with Zumba!


All over the world people are going crazy for Zumba.  This craze is easy to get because everyone is falling in love with Zumba.  You need to try it to understand.  Latin salsa music is the major part and the beat keeps you dancing, and the dance moves themselves are great fun.  There are varying grades of difficulty in Zumba so if you are a beginner or an expert there are classes and dance moves for you.  You should take part in this awesome workout because you will feel so great after a workout of Zumba.

Zumba is the best time you will ever have in a workout or exercise. Why run on a boring treadmill when you can dance?  Exercising the traditional way like treadmill, elliptical are mind-numbing and will drain your motivation within a week or less.  In Zumba, you can go to classes or dance in your living room with a videogame or DVD set, and have a blast.  You won't even know you are working out. 

You don't need any super expensive equipment or gear either! Just some good zumba shoes, some clothing that breathes so you don't get too sweaty and hot, and music!  You should have an instructor, whether it be in a real class at your local gym or elsewhere, or on your tv screen with a DVD set etc.  At some point you will get to memorize the moves for specific songs and you may not need the teacher anymore.  That can be something to aspire towards in zumba.

Like any workout, there is risk of injury or pain if you don't take the necessary precautions.   In Zumba's case, you should have the proper gear like shoes.  There are actually shoes created specifically for Zumba, and if you don't have them, you need them.  These shoes have the right amount of grip, comfort, and more that will keep you pain free. Regular shoes will not do for Zumba, they have too much grip and you will fall down trying to do the dance moves. 

I have never seen a pair of real Zumba shoes in a store, I had to order mine online. It was super easy though, as they tell you which sizes you need as sometimes they are bigger or smaller than regular shoes.  They got delivered really quickly and I love them.  I was suggested which pair to get at this Zumba shoe website.  They have pretty good information regarding zumba shoes. 




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